As we already know, times are tough and we don’t always have enough money to get the good things in life. We all go for the ones that are more affordable which is just as good, but there is also nothing wrong with wanting something more. Right now I want to talk about fast and affordable computers and why a majority of us purchase them instead of saving up the money and getting one that cost more and can do more.

Patience Isn’t Always a Virtue

No PatienceThe #1 thing I can think of about why people purchase fast and affordable computers, is “patience”. I for one, am not that patient when it comes to getting the things I want or need. For example, when a friend who happens to be online all the time talks about this new free-to-play online game and how everyone is on it cause it’s fun and engaging, I want to join in as soon as possible. Unfortunately, money is always an issue, so I’d have no choice but to save my money. While saving, I look up on my phone and see that there is a computer that is affordable and can do a lot, despite being cheap. It’s no-brainer to me, I would go and purchase it, since waiting to get an expensive computer would take forever, and by the time I get it, that online game I mentioned, people would be more or less active on it and it wouldn’t be much fun. I can say without a doubt that there are some out there who have no patience and just want a PC that does the right job.

Let’s Upgrade It

Let's Upgrade ItNow think about this, even if you get a cheap PC, it’s not like you can’t upgrade it to where it’s fast enough to perform just as good or maybe even better than what you’d pay for those expensive ones. There are two types of people I’m aware of who would do this:

Buy Cheap PCs and Build Up

Some people like buying cheap PCs just to build them up so that they Building it Upperform better, maybe run just as good or maybe even better than expensive PCs that run the same or a little less. Of course by getting a cheap PC you can see what’s inside then get a genuine idea of what kinds of parts you’d need. And if you’re okay with what parts you DO have, then that’s fine too. I figure, that true PC enthusiasts would buy a cheap and upgradable PC for around $500 or so, and buy separate parts that’ll help it run better

Build from Scratch

Others would take the time to build one by scratch. Like people who’d build a car from scratch, building a PC from scratch would take time, but would be fun since customizing it from the inside out is entirely up to you. How muchBuild From Scratch people would spend on building a computer by scratch would be around $1000.

Honestly, I always wanted to build my own PC, but with so many parts to chose from I wouldn’t know where to begin. But it’s not like you can’t go to YouTube and watch tutorials, or better yet ask a friend who knows about building up on, giving you hands-on and personal lesson on what to do. My choice would be the latter, not that I’m lazy but I wouldn’t go spending $1000 on building my own, then I’d have just gone and buy a $1000 desktop with the works anyways, wouldn’t that make more sense?

Let’s Debate

So to summarize, I explained my reason why some people would go cheap instead of just going big. Patience is a virtue, but not a lot of people have that, or it’s just because they decided they want something cheap, which is perfectly fine. Of course, you also want something that works well, which is one of the reasons people go for the expensive stuff. It’s all good, we are all different and want certain things. Building from scratch can be real fun since it’s something you took the time to build up, however, it IS costly, the only downside I suppose. I’d like to know what your decision would be if you had a to choose.

Would it be building from scratch or go for a cheap computer and upgrade it as you go? Which would YOU decide?


Let's Debate